Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome Back

The last month has been incredibly busy for me. I attended a college reunion as well as beach week. I finished a sports season, in which my team made it to the sweet sixteen round of the national playoffs before losing by one goal. Finally, and most importantly, I am now engaged.

I made the obvious choice to leave off blogging in the interim. I now rejoin the debate, rejuvenated by my time off. There has been much going on in my time off. I wanted to mourn the passing of my main inspiration – Decision of the Day. Robert Loblaw has performed a great service for almost three years, and deserves much more than the humble praise that I can offer. I also intend to respond, albeit belatedly, to Feddie’s call for ideas.

For now though, I will return to my main occupation – discussing appellate opinions that create or note circuit splits. It is my hope that my regular readers will rejoin me in due course. Please, as always, feel free to drop me an email regarding this blog’s coverage or your interest.

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Greg May said...

And a welcome back to you, too.