Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Blog Enters the Universe...

... Can anybody hear it? Doubtful, and it will remain so for a while. This blog will offer just about nothing unique, but rather seeks to augment the offerings of some of my favorite blogs (honored below). Comments will be open, but I would ask for civil discourse. Any and all emails are welcomed to klerk blog (one word) over at google's mail program.

The primary inspiration of this blog is the invaluable Robert Loblaw's Decision of the Day. I hope to skim decisions of the Circuit Courts (hence the name) and state courts of last resort for any particularly important or interesting cases. Circuit splits and issues of first impression will be emphasized, although Split Circuits is another great resource. About once a week I will interject, however, with a post on a topic that sparks my interest. These will tend to fall into politics, law, or history -- Texas delegate allocation, the residual hearsay exception, or the Termination Era Indian policies. My inspirations here are legion, but particularly deserving of mention are the now defunct Southern Appeal and Legal Fiction.

About me -- I am a third-year law student. I have accepted an appellate clerkship for next year, and am planning on starting at a firm thereafter. My politics tend to be in the libertarian school; my jurisprudence tends to be in the conservative/Thomas school. I have previously been a guest author, under a different assumed name, on a conservative weblog. I have chosen to remain anonymous, and would ask anyone who thinks they know me to respect that.

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